• Do you suspect you’re being “Bugged,”
    Watched, Listened to, or Followed?

    If You Are…
    We’ll Confirm It & Find The Source!

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    Our trained TSCM technicians will conduct a thorough physical and electronic bug sweep inspection of your home, telephone, vehicle or place of business.


    Audio Sweeps

    We’ll electronically sweep for audio bugs and hidden audio recording devices that are either on or off.

    Video bugsweeps

    Video Sweeps

    We’ll find all hidden video cameras and recorders,  wired or wireless, on or off no matter how small.

    Telephone bugsweep

    Telephone Bug Sweeps

    We’ll check all your phone instruments and incoming phone lines for wiretaps and recording devices

    GPS bugsweeps

    GPS Bug Sweeps

    We’ll search your vehicle for “live” or “passive GPS trackers, battery powered or hardwired.





    Providing TSCM Bug Sweeps & Electronic Debugging Services Throughout the USA & Abroad!



    USA Bug Sweeps

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