• Do you suspect your apartmentĀ is “bugged” and
    you are being watched or listened to?


    Unfortunately, apartment dwellers experience some of the highest incidents of being the victims of audio and video bugging devices.

    It is not unheard of for a landlord or building maintenance worker to have been caught installing a hidden camera or listening device in an apartment, especially apartments in a house!

    Apartment Bug Sweeps

    There have been numerous incidents where a male homeowner will rent to a single woman and the apartment will have more than one audio bug as well as hidden cameras in the bedroom and bathroom.

    These bugging devices are very small and can easily be concealed in a ceiling fan or in the air vents. There are also hidden cameras that are disguised as a Philips head scree that i virtually undetectable to the untrained person. In addition, some of these cameras also have infra-red which allows for video recording in complete darkness!

    Apartments with drop ceilings are also a threat as a video camera and its wiring can be easily concealed. The air vents and air returns are also susceptible to audio and video bugs. We use video borescopes that allow the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) technician to inspect the inside of ceiling, floor, and wall vents for audio and video bugs. Some house have shared air vent returns and you might be able to hear your neighbors. If so, they can also hear you!

    Another threat in an apartment is the shared electrical wiring. There are audio and video bugs that use the house wiring to transmit the signal to another location within the residence. That’s why we conduct a carrier current analysis sweep to identify if any such devices might exist.

    The only way you will ever know for sure if you are being watched or listed to is to have your apartment physically and electronically inspected by a trained and experienced TSCM technician. It takes very expensive bug detection equipment and a skilled technician to find hidden cameras and audio recording devices that are either on or off, wired or wireless in an apartment.

    Apartment bugsweep

    Don’t be fooled by anyone offering to conduct a bug sweep of your apartment unless they own at least $50,000 – $100,000 worth of electronic gear and can prove they have the training and certificates to prove it!

    The electronic detection devices professional TSCM technicians use are very expensive, usually in the tens of thousands…each! Not only do our USA Bug Sweeps technicians have the right equipment and training, we also have the experience and tradecraft knowledge of how and where eavesdropping devices are placed for optimum performance.

    apartments bugsweeps debugging

    It’s time for you to confirm your suspicions and finally get the peace of mind you deserve.

    Call us right now and we’ll provide you with a free consultation and price quote. Please understand that a properly conducted TSCM debugging inspection of an average apartment is not cheap. Anyone charging you less than $1,000 is probably using a cheap spy shop gadget that may only detect the presence of a radio signal that is on at the time of the inspection and will not be able to identify the source or devices that are actually off during the sweep. We can find anything on or off!