• Can you really afford having anyone listen
    to your private personal or business conversations?


    Just think of everything you discuss in a given day, whether in your home, car or office.

    You simply can’t risk taking a chance that someone could be using a covert audio recorder or microphone to monitor all your conversations. Audio recorders and microphones are being sold on the Internet that are as small as a sugar cube!

    Bugging Devices Are Very Inexpensive!

    Audio Debugging

    Anyone can buy an audio bugging device on the internet for less than $20 and be listening to you from anywhere in the world! Go to eBay, Amazon, or just search “audio bug” and you’ll see for yourself that these devices are readily available and cheap to buy. That make you and many others potential targets to electronic eavesdropping.

    Audio bugs Can Be Anywhere In Your Home!

    While we do encourage you to look around your home for suspicious devices, you are likely NOT going to be able to find an audio bug, recording device, or transmitters as they are very small and can be concealed in every day objects.

    We utilize very expensive and sophisticated electronic equipment such as a non-linear junction detector that can easily detect even the smallest microphone or recording device, on or off. In some cases, microphones are connected to a transmitting device so that it can be monitored outside your residence or place of business. We use spectrum analyzers to sweep for any radio transmissions emanating from your home or office.

    Only Hire Experienced TSCM Technicians!

    We utilize specialized equipment that is very expensive and requires trained professional TSCM debugging technicians. Make sure when hiring a bug sweep company or technician that they own a non-linear junction detector and a spectrum analyzer. These two items alone can cost as much as $75,000 and require weeks of extensive training at the manufacturing facility.

    Beware of Fly-by-Night Scammers!

    Make sure that you don’t hire someone that may show up to your home with a small handheld RF (radio frequency) detector purchased at a spy shop for less than $300. Our average debugging teams utilize equipment valued no less than $150,000, and some with more than $250,000. So, how can you compare a true TSCM debugging professional compared to a P.I. that only uses one or two inexpensive spy store gadgets?

    The only way to know for sure that there isn’t an audio recording device or microphone in your home, vehicle, or place of business is have a comprehensive audio bug sweep survey conducted by TSCM professional with verifiable training and experience.

    Take a moment and call us right now from a secure phone, or your friend’s phone so we can confidentially discuss your situation and we can provide you with a quote. Let is assure your privacy and peace of mind!

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