• Do you suspect your conference rooms are “bugged” and
    you are being watched or listened to?


    Just think of all the confidential meetings and information that is discussed on your conference rooms. Now, what if someone was listening and recording everything that was said. How would this privacy intrusion affect your business? What if your competition was to know everything you have planned?

    So, are you sure your conference room is secure? Unless you have recently conducted a professional TSCM sweep, your optimism and wishful expectation might me threatening your business confidentiality. It takes less than 1 minute to place a bugging device in your office by a cleaning person or by an unsuspecting and disloyal employee. By the way, your most trusted employees are often the ones who can cause the most harm to your business.

    Our trained TSCM technicians can sweep your conference rooms and provide you peace of mind!

    Your conference room is more susceptible to audio bugging devices than you could ever imagine. Those speakers in the ceiling, they can actually become microphones capable of listening to everything being said in the conference room. That speakerphone on the center of the conference room table can easily be compromised as can the video conferencing equipment that you think is off, or is it?Conference room bugsweeps

    The video conference camera may look like it’s off, but it and the microphone could easily be on. We also often find remnants of adhesive tape under the conference room table, which can indicate that a recording device may have been covertly affixed and removed.

    Transmitting bugs can also be hidden in the decorative planters located in the conference room or within the picture frames hanging on the conference room walls. Technicians have also found recording devices under conference room chairs, some even hidden within the upholstery. Without proper detection equipment and experienced TSCM technicians conducting a thorough sweep, these bugs can continue to go undetected threatening your company’s existence.

    We can also provide live meeting monitoring to ensure no one is transmitting a live audio signal during the meeting. This monitoring service can be provided at your facility or off-site meeting locations. We can also provide cell phone detection when cell phones are prohibited from a meeting room. Our cell phone detection equipment can locate and identify active cellular activity in secure areas.