• Do you suspect your hotel room is “bugged” and
    you are being watched or listened to?


    It is very common for seasoned business executives and celebrities to have their hotel room or suite electronically swept for hidden cameras and audio recording devices before moving into an assigned hotel room.

    Unfortunately, there is a significant risk of blackmail and corporate espionage for high income individuals and celebrities. Imagine a hotel room with hidden cameras transmitting a live feed to another room where your every action and conversations are being viewed and recorded.

    We were recently featured on the Inside Edition television show where we showed the host of the show how easy it was to hide 10 video cameras in a hotel room. Hotel Room Bug Sweeps

    Executive protection professionals must ensure that their client’s privacy is secure by having a hotel room bug sweep conducted for all assigned hotel rooms.  There have been numerous instances where compromised front desk personnel have assigned target executives and celebrities to hotel rooms that have already been setup with hidden cameras and audio/video recorderes. The perputrators capture all of the room activity and conversations hoping for possible cheating, drug activity, or private encounters that the target would never want anyone to know, see or hear. This form of blackmail or simple exposure is much more common that you could ever imagine.