• Are there any hidden video cameras in your school showers? Are You Sure?


    There are hidden video cameras being found in school showers on a regular basis. We have found that schools that offer contact football and wrestling are more prone to have students taking showers in the school. This usually means that high schools, colleges, and universities are the most susceptible.

    Unfortunately, school janitors and school administrators are the usual culprits as a result to their access to the school shower areas. It is essential that these areas be checked on a regular basis by a professional TSCM bug sweep provider to ensure that there are no cameras present.

    shower bugsweepsCovert video cameras can be disguised to easily blend in with any environment. We have seen where hidden video cameras were installed in air vents, behind plumbing panels concealed as a screw, or as simple as a tiny hole in the ceiling tile.

    USA Bugsweep technicians utilize some of the most sophisticated electronic detection gear that can find hidden cameras as small as a pinhole.