• Do you suspect your boat or yacht is “bugged” and
    you are being watched or listened to?


    Is Your Yacht or Boat Bugged? Are You Sure? We’ll Let You Know!

    Executives love to relax and enjoy taking their yacht and pleasure boats out for a ride and they often bring colleagues and ultimately discuss business. The problem is that its not that difficult for a crew member or service technician to easily install a powerful listening device that can either record or transmit your confidential conversations to nearby culprits.

    Boat Bug Sweeps

    If you are using leased or partial ownership watercraft, do you know who used your yacht before you? Could they have planted a covert recording device to obtain confidential information they might use to their advantage or to blackmail you?

    Audio recording devices and modern eavesdropping technology has become so advanced that there are now electronic devices being imported from Europe and Russia that are extremely small and can record for many hours and with amazing clarity.

    Debugging Yachts & Boats

    Yacht bugsweeps

    Our experienced TSCM technicians will conduct a through electronic and visual inspection of your private yacht or pleasure boat, before, during and after your excursion.

    We use much of the same equipment used by the United States three letter government agencies, the Department of Defense, and foreign military organizations. Our TSCM technicians have also trained alongside representatives of these same agencies.

    Take a moment to call us and let us provide you a confidential quote for our TSCM debugging yacht services before your next maritime trip.

    Remember, we are here to help assure your privacy and peace of mind!